Summercamp 2021 was already our 16th edition! Underneath you can have a look at our last three editions, enjoy! 



We had Dane Bates from the UK coming over, giving us a combination of technique, emotion and strength. All the way from Slovenia we had Tian Cehic coming to Belgium for the second time, keeping us speechless with his emotional choreographies. Also Elena Gambardella from Italy was present again to learn our dancers to be confident and have some attitude. Karol Mental from Poland joined our teachers team for the first time, what a joy it was to have him share his knowledge with our dancers. And let us not forget our Belgian choreographer Tommy Gryson who also gave a commercial evening class. 



In the summer of 2020 it was the first time we had our two Slovenian beasts Tian Cehic and Petra Ravbar coming over to Belgium and what a blast it was! Dane Bates from the UK and Elena Gambardella from Italy were joining us for the second year in a row! Also Tommy Gryson came for an evening commercial class. 



In 2019 Dane Bates from the UK and Elena Gambardella from Italy joined us for the first time! Also Alex Komulainen came for a second time but brought his amazing sister Jasmin Janatuinen this time! Flavio Castellino and Tommy Gryson were also present for some commercial full out classes!